40th Birthday Celebration Trip at Hard Rock Punta Cana

Rainy and a few of her friends celebrated her 40th birthday with a vacation at Hard Rock Punta Cana. They wanted all-inclusive, a resort with a lot of activities, a nightlife and options for tours outside of the resort as well. I felt Hard Rock was a great fit for this type of trip and for what they wanted because Hard Rock is all about having a good time, socializing and staying active. Read about their experience below!


"Just wanted to let you know that we made it back. We had an amazing time.  They had actually put us in the presidential suite, so we had the ocean view and the waves and the breeze coming through our room was amazing. We went on a couple excursions. We did the ATV through the jungle to the beach that was pretty cool. We also did the ocean spa which was really cool because little fish were eating the dead skin off your feet, then you got a massage, and then you did yoga along the catamaran so that was a really really cool, fun experience. For nightlife, everything closed down except for Oro at midnight like the pool music shut down by I would say 6-7 o'clock and inside the the hard rock all the music clubs were shut off down by midnight except for Oro -  you could pay to get into you know of course you know dance or whatever longer, but that was the only thing that I saw that was kind of like a drawback. But the food was amazing and the brazilian restaurant was my favorite , the hibachi was very good. We pretty much tried almost all of them. We did Italian. We did the Mexican and had that the best dessert, so it was great. Thank you so much. I referred a couple of people to you. I know hopefully they'll reach out and get their vacation started, and I know that Shelly was trying to plan something for her birthday in September. So anyway, thank you so much for looking out for us. Thank you for the bottle of wine and chocolates."