Choosing the Best Honeymoon Destination or Destination Wedding Location?

There are so many wonderful destinations to choose from that it can be challenging to find the best honeymoon destination or destination wedding location. Start by answering these questions that will help guide you to the perfect destination for this special trip!


1. Where have you already traveled? Do you already have a destination in mind?

2. Do you want an all-inclusive resort?

3. Do you want an adults-only resort?

4. Do you want to be near a city or town to get a more urban experience or cultural experience?

5. What kind of activities would you like to do or try on your honeymoon? Examples could include, but not limited to, hiking, scuba diving, zip lining, swimming with dolphins/sharks/stingrays, etc.

6. Are you comfortable renting a car or do you prefer guided/arranged transportation everywhere you go?

7. How far are you willing to travel? i.e. 4-5 hours by plane, 6-8 hours by plane, 12+ hours, etc. What is the maximum number of nights you can be gone? 

8. What type of experiences do you want? i.e. beach, history, adventure, etc.

9. What budget range are you comfortable with and willing to pay? i.e. $3000-5000, $5000-7000, $9000 or more, etc.

10. What are your top 3 priorities for your honeymoon trip or destination wedding?


Once you have answered all of these questions, contact me with your answers and I will help match you to the perfect destination for your honeymoon, destination wedding, or vacation and then we can start looking at resorts and options! 


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