What type of traveler are you?

There are many different types of travelers and many are a combination of two or more. Do you know which type of traveler you are and how to choose the best honeymoon destination and honeymoon resort combination to fit your individual preferences? Thinking carefully about who you are as a traveler and carefully selecting first, the destination, and second, the resort, is key to putting together your ideal honeymoon package. My job as a honeymoon travel agent is to help you draw the connection from the type of traveler you are to the best destination and resort to fit your criteria. 


Let's look at a few different traveler types to help you start thinking about which type fits you best. When you're ready to start creating your ideal honeymoon, destination wedding or vacation package, contact me to get started!


The Luxury Traveler

The luxury traveler is someone who, not only enjoys the finer things in life, but can afford them too! Everyone would like to be a luxury traveler, but it is important to know what is realistic for your budget and what is not. 

 If you are a luxury traveler, privacy is usually of utmost importance and a smaller more intimate resort is typically more appealing than a larger resort. You usually look for the unique experiences and accommodations. You want the "wow" factor. Service needs to be personalized and accommodating; you look for staff to remember your name, suggest the best restaurant to get lobster because it's in season and they know that you love fresh lobster, leave special amenities in the room as a pleasant surprise when returning from a long day exploring the destination. Luxury travelers pay top dollar for their experiences, so resort quality, accommodations, service and amenities need to match it and exceed their expectations. 




The Beach Lover

The beach lovers don't necessarily need the best accommodations, but if they are on a beach that can barely fit two lounge chairs, they are going to be disappointed. Beach is of the highest priority and you typically look for a nice wide

 beach with plenty of lounge chairs available, maybe some palapas for shade when the sun is too intense, and a mile or longer stretch of beach for nice long walks. You may like a resort where the main pool at the resort ties into the beach so, even while enjoying the beach, you can still see and hear the activities going on at the resort. Or, you may prefer a quieter resort where the beach is your escape to read a book, take a nap or get lost in your thoughts as the waves ebb and flow on the shoreline. If it fits within your budget, a beachfront room is ideal so you can enjoy the sand and surf even from your bed and/or balcony. But, as long as you have direct access to a beautiful stretch of beach, you will be happy. 




The Adventure Traveler

The adventure traveler is someone who plans to spend just as much time off the resort as on. Adventure travelers want to explore the destination they are in. They want to try things they can't do at home, overcome a fear, cross "must do"

 items off of their bucket list and just enjoy nature and activities available to them in any destination they visit. The most important thing for adventure travelers is to figure out what type of experiences they want for the trip they are planning. Do you want to zip line through a rainforest, hike a mountain, tube through a cave, explore a historic site, swim with sea turtles. Each destination can bring travelers unique experiences, so it is important to figure out the experiences you want and choose the best destination to give you those experiences. 











The Cultural Traveler

The cultural traveler is someone who enjoys mingling with the locals, trying local cuisine, finding off-the-beaten path restaurants that locals favorite and exploring different towns in the destination they are visiting. Cultural travelers

 don't necessarily have to stay in a town or city, but be close enough to walk, drive a golf cart or scooter, bike or take a short cab ride to explore the local scene. Cultural travelers look for craft markets to admire and sometimes purchase local artisan products, farmers markets to taste local produce and other culinary specialities, museums that highlight the history and culture of the destination they are visiting, and sometimes opportunities to visit a local school, work place or home to interact with the locals and experience a little of their everyday life. Cultural travelers want to leave the destination feeling like they made personal connections with locals they met during their stay and gained knowledge about the destination that you can only get by exploring outside your hotel or resort. 










The Wellness Traveler

The Wellness traveler is someone who prioritizes relaxation, meditation, fitness, and health. You don't see your vacation as a time to indulge but rather to escape the stresses of everyday life and focus on your mental and physical

 well-being. The spa is going to be one of the highlights of your experience and you'd love the opportunity to participate in yoga on the beach, unique meditation rituals, tennis classes with a professional instructor, or early morning trail runs led by a fitness instructor at the resort. You enjoy healthy food options at the resort and want quality food and beverage options. A resort with mostly buffets is not going to be a good choice for you. A breakfast buffet with healthy options and made-to-order dishes are fine, but you want to see more a-la-carte options at the resort and freshly made non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. You don't need a lot of nightlife at the resort because you're more interested in being active throughout the day and, maybe enjoying a little nightly entertainment after dinner, but turning in at a decent hour to get a good night sleep.








The Social and Active Traveler

The social and active traveler is someone who likes to party. They like to participate in the pool-side games, play a game of pool or beach volleyball, get to know the bartenders at the swim up bar, or break out some moves on the

dance floor in the resort's nightclub. You need a lot of action and people to mingle with to share some laughs. Nightly entertainment after dinner is fine, but you don't want to retire at 10:00pm. You want that latenight action and entertainment because you're on vacation and you want to enjoy every minute! You're not necessarily picky about food choices and you won't be disappointed if the mint in your drink doesn't come from the resort's own eco-friendly greenhouse. You just want to have fun and want an environment that will give you plenty of options for entertainment. 



The Foodie Traveler

The foodie traveler is someone who will not be happy with average food and beverage quality. Food at the resort and in the destination needs to be one of the highlights of their trip. They want the food to be so good that they will be

 talking about it for years after their return. The food may be so good that they decide to return to that destination or resort because no place else has compared. They want plenty of variety for food selection mixed in with the local cuisine and specialty dishes. The foodie traveler is not looking for an Italian restaurant when they are in the Caribbean, hot dogs and french fries as a snack or buffets filled with random food choices. The foodie wants a unique culinary experience, whether it be at the resort where they are staying or in the surrounding towns or cities near their resort. 







The Peaceful and Serene Traveler

The peaceful and serene traveler is truly looking to get away from everyday life. They want to disconnect - they don't need a TV in their room, wifi is not a priority, they just want to get away and reconnect with their travel companion(s).

The peaceful and serene traveler is more likely to enjoy a boutique resort, family or locally-owned, and doesn't need 10-12 restaurant selections. As long as they have a place where they can eat a good meal and mingle with a few other guests if they like, they will be happy. The peaceful and serene traveler looks for private and intimate accommodations which could include a cliff-side or beachfront cottage with an amazing view of the ocean or gardens. A private plunge pool is ideal too to cool off during the day as you and your companion lounge on your private patio or balcony. The main pool area at the resort should also be an area of peace and serenity - you don't need a DJ or music, the sound of the ocean is all you need.



Whether you are planning your honeymoon, destination wedding, anniversary trip, family vacation or just a quick getaway with friends, it is important to draw these connections between the type of traveler you are and the experiences the destination and resort will provide to create the overall experience you hope for in your next trip.




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